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The qualities that make a good sportsman or a sportswoman (Speech)

Dear teachers, dear friends, first of all let me thank the secretary of the literary association for giving me this opportunity. Today I am going to speak about the qualities that make a good sportsman or a sportswoman.

As you all know we all of us take part in sports and games. Sports & games are important for many reasons. We play just for enjoyment. But sports and games are important for another reason as well. They help us to develop both body and mind. They make our bodies strong by giving them exercise. Strong and healthy bodies in turn help to keep our minds healthy.

One can never be a good sportsman or a woman, if he or she does not posses good qualities. I will only speak of some of the more important qualities.

One such important quality is not to play for personal glory but to play to win the game as a team. Playing for personal glory will break up the unity and the spirit of the team.

Another important truth we learn from sports and games is that we cannot always win. This teaches us to accept both defeat and victory – in the same spirit.

What happens, if this team spirit is not there? Such a person cannot be a good sportsman or a sportswoman.

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