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Tourism – the good and the bad of it..!

Dear teachers and my dear friends, thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak about good and bad of tourism. First of all let me explain what tourism is. It is act of moving from one place to another in order to get some rest, to holiday or to see the beauty of a country.

There are a lot of advantages to us from this industry. Tourism is one of the main ways of earning foreign exchange to our country. It creates employment opportunities for the people such as hoteliers, tourist guides, and many others who provide facilities for tourists. Tourism is also a great opportunity for craftsmen. They can sell their handicrafts, clay pots, batiks, curious and other products at high prices. Tourism also help us to tell the world about the beauty, richness of our culture and tradition of the country.

Though tourism is a blessing to a 3rd world country, it has many disadvantages. Tourism destroys culture and heritage of a country. Valuable historical items are sometime smuggled out of the country by tourists. Tourists smuggle rare plants and animals out of the country Many social problems such as drugs, sexual diseases are results of tourism .All these things corrupt our culture and heritage.

So, now it’s high time to take steps to stop these harmful effects. The government should impose severe rules to stop them. Wrong doers should be punished severely. Public awareness programers should be organized. As a foreign exchange earner we should develop this industry. T. V. programers about the culture, beauty, traditions of our country should be made. They should be sent to foreign countries. Infrastructure facilities such as roads, electricity, hotels should be made available to develop this industry. But at the same time, we must protect our culture.

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