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Community Bank helped flood victims…!

Community Bank of Kottala, Veyangoda helped the villagers of Kottala who have been rendered homeless due to the recent floods.

Nearly 100 families of this small village needed help to rebuild their houses. So the community bank of Kottala came forward to help them immediately under two types of programmers. After a small ceremony on 13th November 2004 villagers were given free dry rations. This bag of dry rations contained dhal, dried fish, tins of sardines, rice and cow peas. And they were enough for two weeks for a family of five.

Then the community bank helped the students of this village who were badly in need of stationery items. Each student of this village were given a bag of stationery items which included 10 exercise books, two pens, two pencils and a color box It is reported that the students here in this village have not restarted schooling after the floods due to lack of books to write on.

The bank also took steps to give away the materials to reconstruct the houses of the villagers. Each family was given 10 bags of cement 1000 cement blocks and 10 asbestos sheets. Villagers who are staying at the village temple at the moment started rebuilding their houses immediately after they got the building materials.

The bank has planned a long term project to help the villagers to rebuild their economy. Many villagers who have been doing some odd jobs to sustain their living can now start self-employment projects. Villagers are given loans to start self-employment projects up to 5 million.

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