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Forest Conservation..!

Man and forest live in close relationship. The forest fulfills most of man’s needs. He collects resin, cane, timber, food and fruits from forests. The fallen branch gives him fire wood. Forest are also an important part of the man’s environment. Trees purify the polluted air. And trees supply oxygen for man to breath. Trees absorb carbondioxi and release oxygen to our atmosphere. But man has been unkind towards forest for few years. The forest cover on earth is fast vanishing.

There are many reasons for man to destroy the forests. Today the population of the world is fast increasing. So man needs more and more space to build houses. Man is compelled to clear forests. When the population goes up man needs more food. So the man has to clear forests for farms. For the increasing number of men, more job opportunities have be created. For that governments of the world have to build factories and other development projects.

Man is also very greedy about money. He is cutting down lots of trees for earning money.

So if we go on cutting down trees like this, we will have to breathe polluted air. Because there won’t be enough trees to purify air. We won’t be Abe to have our foods and fruits from the forests. The water cycle will be affected. Then won be rain. We will have to face droughts. The farmers will not have water to farm. Then the food supply of the world will be affected. We will have to die of starvation.

So, now It’s high time to take steps to conserve forests. People must be made a ware about he value and uses of the forests. More and more tree planting campaigns should be launched. Governments of the world should enforce severe laws against wrong doers. Vast areas of forest lands should be declared nature reserves. Scientists and engineers should be encouraged to find substitutes for wood. Most of all the school children who will be the future men should be taught about the value of the trees and forest land.

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