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Louis Pasteur – (1822 – 1895)

Both Science and mankind are indebted to the French chemist Louis Pasteur for his contribution in the development of science of Microbiology. He discovered the process of pasteurization to stop fermentation of milk and butter. He is well known for discovering the vaccine against the rabies.

Pasteur was born in Dole, France in 1822. He was the son of a poor farmer. After primary education he went to Paris where he heard the lectures of Bellard and Duma.

He became the assistant of Bellard and devoted himself to research work. His interest bent towards the study of crystals. In 1848 he was appointed as the lecturer of physics at Lycee.

In 1852, he became the lecturer of chemistry at Strasbourg. In 1857, he was appointed the Director of Ecol. Normale, Paris, Here he worked on fermentation by which originated a new branch of science called microbiology. He invented rabies vaccination and experimented it on a nine year old boy whom a mad dog bit 14 times.

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